Refocused and better than ever…

The last time you heard from us, was a notice to let you know of our Galway store closing. It's been a very busy few weeks for us here unpacking, adjusting and healing. It all happened so suddenly that it took me a while to take it all in.

Now that I have had space and time, I'm beginning to focus on just one store and I have to share with you that I'm loving it. To be honest, trying to source quirky, different and amazing stock for two stores was becoming increasingly difficult for me and then deciding which shop it was to go in again was taking up head space I felt I didn't have so I'm like a bright new shiny penny - focused on one mega store!

The store is jammed packed with amazing goodies under the one roof.... And we have a mega-shopping trip planned in a few weeks.

I have deep gratitude to all our lovely Galway customers who have called, popped in, sent email's, telling us how much you miss us and the girls and as I keep saying we are only an hour away with an even better store than before so come on down for a visit. We LOVE to see you.

Again deep thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. We are here, we are better and we are focused on being a better store than ever.

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