La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)
My Italian is a bit rusty but as far as I know “ La Dolce Vita” translates as “The Sweet Life” which thankfully I have plenty of. Another man who has a nice slice of La Dolce Vita is Brian. Brian has just won a raffle and a prize of a diamond and sapphire ring worth €3,000!

Now Brian and his wife are married

over 30 years and he proposed while they were both living in America all those years ago. Now at the time, Brian had no money for a ring- awwwwww! So for a long time, his wife has been saying how her dream ring would be – you guessed it - a diamond and sapphire ring! So he presented it to her over dinner last week – the rest of the tale you can make up yourselves!

thegaietyjigsaw2Of course all this transpired at a Jigsaw fundraising event called “La Dolce Vita” in The G Hotel last week. Everybody agreed - this was a wonderful event, organised by Kim Tighe and co. at Hewlett Packard Galway. (to date they have raised €45,000 for Jigsaw.) The Gaiety Antique and Vintage Store were delighted to be there, showing the good people of Hewlett Packard how to use the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and give that old piece of furniture a new lease of life.

JigsawLogo TheGaiety la Dolce Vita

We met so many people – first the youth committee of Jigsaw – the lovely Deirdre Fahy and gang. Jigsaw is a charity dedicated to helping young people (15-25) with their mental health issues. So the youth committee guide the elders with how to deal with young people, the environment in Jigsaw – right down to the funky furniture. It seems to be a really open and supportive organisation, and even the doctors and nurses wear “plain clothes” to put you at ease.



So why did they invite The Gaiety to demonstrate at an event for promoting positive mental health? All I can say, using your creative abilities, painting and up-cycling an old piece of furniture – can only be viewed as therapeutic in my eyes. And that is my slice of La Dolce Vita.

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